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About waist high. Walk with the object at a constant speed. Now answer this: Other than when you first got the object moving (in other words, while you were walking), did you change the object’s potential energy or its kinetic energy? More science stuff To give an object kinetic energy, you have to hit it, kick it, push it, pull it, or shove it. Same applies to giving an object gravitational potential energy. You have to pull it or lift it or hit it so you increase the separation between the object and the Earth.

What the heck, let’s do one calculation. You throw a ball straight up with a velocity of 10 meters/second. 25)? We’re interested in two different positions. We know the velocity of the ball as it leaves your hand and we want to know the height at the point where the ball stops and starts to fall back down. What I’m going to do is figure out the energy at each position and set those equal to each other. Energy at position 1 = energy at position 2 First, I’m going to choose the zero point of gravitational potential energy (the reference level) to be your hand.

2C h a p te r The science stuff A sliding book has kinetic energy at the start. Then the energy goes—where? First of all, the energy does not just disappear. In fact, as far as we know, energy never disappears. More on that later. We can figure out where the book’s energy went by first figuring out why it slowed down and eventually stopped. The culprit is the force of friction between the book and the floor. When one thing slides across another, there’s a force of friction between them that opposes any motion.

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