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By Celanese Acetate

Entire cloth word list

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By Celanese Acetate

Entire cloth word list

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DEGRADATION: The loss of desirable physical properties by a textile material as a result of some process or physical/chemical phenomenon. DEGREE OF ESTERIFICATION: The extent to which the acid groups of terephthalic and/or other acids have reacted with diols to form ester groups in polyester polymer production. DEGREE OF POLYMERIZATION: Refers to the number of monomer units in an average polymer. It can be controlled during processing and affects the properties of the end product. DEGUMMING: The removal of gum from silk by boiling in a mildly alkaline solution.

CORRUGATION MARK: A fabric defect consisting of a crimped, rippled, wavy, pebbled, or cockled area in the fabric spoiling the uniformity of the texture. COT: The covering material used on various fiber-processing rolls, especially drawing rolls. Leather, cork, rubber, and synthetic materials are frequently employed. COTTAGE STEAMER: A chamber used for batch steaming of printed or dyed textiles. Cloth is looped on “poles” on a special cart which fits into the steamer for processing. COTTON COUNT: The yarn numbering system based on length and weight originally used for cotton yarns and now employed for most staple yarns spun on the cotton, or short-staple, system.

DENT: On a loom, the space between the wires of a reed. DEREGISTERING (CRIMP): Process of disordering or disaligning the crimp in a tow band to produce bulk. ) DESULFURIZING: An aftertreatment to remove sulfur from newly spun viscose rayon by passing the yarn through a sodium sulfide solution. © 2001, Celanese Acetate LLC DETERGENT: A synthetic cleaning agent containing surfactants that do not precipitate in hard water and have the ability to emulsify oil and suspend dirt. DEVELOPED DYES: See DYES.

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